Exploring the salt marshes is all about getting closer to nature and meeting people. It gives everyone an opportunity to get an overview of a living and working environment.

Open every day of the year, Terre de Sel is there to raise awareness of the need to protect nature, using a sensory, scientific and human approach.

All our exploratory tours end with a visit to our exhibition centre (the entry price is included in the price of all our tours). Situated in a building in the shape of the traditional salt barn (“salorge”), the 1000-m² centre contains a wealth of text, photos and traditional tools explaining the work done by the salt worker and the ecological riches found in the salt marshes through the seasons.
Upstairs there’s a mezzanine with a panoramic view.

All our salt marsh tours are on foot and are led by salt marsh specialists: salt workers and naturalist guides.


Our visits

Time : 45 minutes
Price : Adult : 9 €
Children : 4 €
Family price : 23 €

« Aperçu Salé – A brief introduction to salt »

This tour takes you round the salt marshes, where you’ll see how the water circuit operates and learn how the famous Guérande salt is formed.

  • Salt marshes process
  • Salt crystallization
Visits in English with this flag
Reservation at Terre de Sel – or at your tourist office


Our shop

Terre de Sel offers “Le Guérandais” salt, harvested by the salt workers from the Les Salines de Guérande Cooperative. From producer to consumer, for better service at a better price! You’ll find it in different types of packs to suit your needs: small canvas sachets tied with ribbon for gifts, traditional bags for kilo packs of coarse salt or 500g packs of flower of salt, as well as containers of fine and flavoured salt.

Are you looking for salted butter toffee, Breton biscuits, local produce, etc.? Terre de Sel is always on the look-out for Quality of the same level as Le Guérandais salt, and has selected the very best products from the region. In the shop you’ll also find ORGANIC products from the region, along with a range from Sites Remarquables du Goût (Espelette pepper…)

To be sure to please everyone, Terre de Sel offers dozens of original gifts, always elegantly presented and at prices to suit every pocket…


Practical information


Opening hours

Spring: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Summer: 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Autumn: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Winter: 10:00 AM / 12:30 AM and 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


The family price, What it is ?

  • 2 adults and 2 child* or more…
  • 1 adult and 3 child* or more…
* *The child have to be less the 16 years old.


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A l'occasion des Saveurs d'octobre Terre de Sel propose plusieurs visites dans les marais salants :

Fleur de sel plaisir du goût mercredi 17 à 10h45
Profession paludier samedi 20 à 15h00
Aventure autour des salines mercredi 24 à 10h45
Profession paludier jeudi 25 à 15h00
Profession paludier vendredi 26 à 15h00
Profession paludier samedi 27 à 15h00
Un coin de paradis mercredi 31 à 10h45

Tarif réduit pour ces visites.
Réservations au : 02 .